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Satisfied and motivated staff, training and professional growth in compliance with our company values

These are only some of the essential elements of our philosophy of doing business that has always characterized our company.

Be part of Progeco NeXT Srl means working in a dynamic reality, inclined to innovation, with an open and multicultural mind, in a professional environment that offers great improvement opportunities to reach excellent results.
Our goal is to attract in all Countries dynamic people, motivated towards continuous growth and oriented towards achieving results, leaders capable to produce innovative ideas and to discover new action opportunities; people with a great passion for engineering, industrial plant engineering and renewable energies, who believe like us that the difference between “the impossible and the possible” resides in determination.

Open positions

There are several ways to collaborate with our Group:

Stage & Project work

If you are coming soon to the end of your study path and are interested in testing yourself starting now, we are offering opportunities of stage and project work aimed at the realization of your degree thesis.

In Progeco NeXT Srl you’ll get the opportunity of undertaking a working experience compatible with your study path. You’ll be supported by an expert tutor and, together with many other colleagues, you’ll take part in structured and agreed projects in accordance with your study objectives and interests.

The stage can be carried out in any functional area and can be aimed at drafting the degree thesis.
Through the stage we’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other and evaluate together a possible future internship to complete your study path.

New Graduates

If you are a recent graduate and consider yourself a dynamic, energetic person, passionate about the world of engineering and construction and want to take up the challenge of excellence together with us, Progeco NeXT Srl is your opportunity to enter the world of work.

We are constantly looking for new graduates, preferably in mechanical engineering or equivalent and economics, to be included in our technical and projects management offices. Generally, the placement takes place through a 6-month paid internship aimed at recruiting.

Given the importance of the initiative, which intends to ensure your experience the attention it needs to build great teams, your internship at Progeco NeXT Srl will include dedicated moments of coaching and support from the tutors in charge.

Professionals with experience

Progeco NeXT Srl is looking for qualified and graduate professionals who have gained technical and managerial know-how from competitors or companies operating in the technological area close to industrial plant engineering, such as engineering companies, construction companies of metal structures, plant skids and boilers in Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies, Power and Petrochemical sector.

Brilliant managers with recognized expertise who aspire to new positions of responsibility who, by proving their belief in our products and in the values that guide us, are committed to increasing motivation, contributing to teamwork, generating ideas to consolidate innovative methodologies and tools.

Progeco NeXT Srl is an international company, dynamic and attentive to the challenges of excellence and innovation. The opportunities for growth are given within a meritocratic and constantly developing environment. Your work, in fact, can lead to discover new functions: you will thus have the opportunity to acquire know-how and skills that will enrich you humanly and professionally.

Cross-region and cross-sectoral opportunities within Progeco NeXT Srl will also not be lacking. We work to choose people of great value, evaluate their skills, discover their talent and create opportunities for them to express their potential, thanks to professional opportunities consistent with the skills and aspirations of their managers.

Training in Progeco NeXT Srl

The value of a company is increasingly measured by the quality of its human resources. We strongly believe in this principle and we believe that training in a 2.0 company is essential to its success.

Progeco NeXT Srl stands out for its strong quantitative and qualitative investment in training, which we consider key element for the development of the professionalism and management of its staff. Of particular importance is our “training on the job” formula, at customer site, with the “customer shaping” formula. The customer, in fact, can actively participate in the training of our staff, in order to train figures suitable for the customer profile, to be used not only for a specific request of the moment, but also as trusted personnel for subsequent and future agreements.

The training activity is carried out through a planned process, consistent with the overall management and development system of human resources, starting from the results of the evaluation processes.

Our motto: “The growth of people means the growth of our Group”.

Spontaneous application

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