About us

Our Pillars

Progeco NeXT aspires to become a Global Player, guaranteeing sustain for its Customers, basing the work on passion, responsibility, integrity, multiculturalism, transparency of its way of operating and innovation, as well as on the power and the development of competences, along with a “Customer Oriented” philosophy, aiming to guarantee protection of the environment and natural habitat for future generations.

The fundamental pillars guiding our business choices and distinguishing us to our customers eyes are based on pragmatism and experience:

Operational Excellence

Our target is to achieve a reliable and consistent solution for our customer requests, guaranteeing the lowest operational risk and cost levels, with the goal of creating added value for our customers.


Progeco NeXT guarantees integrated solutions of a major efficacy, throughout cooperation with all the stakeholders involved in the process, with a view to promoting the global circular economy.

Unique Solution

Building and strengthening our knowledge and production processes allow us to develop specific customized solutions for our customers’ requests, which therefore become unique in their final aspect and ready to fully meet the customers’ requirements.

Our working methodology

To meet our customers’ needs, Progeco NeXT constantly works to guarantee high standards of quality and uniqueness of its services, through an unique methodology in its application that we named “Clover”, based on:


To involve the proper resources, with the goal of achieving the desired results, according to the customers’ requirements, optimizing the solution in terms of maximum time and cost reduction.

Speed of achievement

To build a quick action plan, collaborating and interacting with the customers, offering a service of high level and reliability.


We are fully responsible for our actions, as well for the assessment of the impacts related to the activities, both regarding the environment and the various stakeholders.

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