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Our fundamental values

Our decisions are always based on a company values, which are fundamental to us. Everyone at Progeco NeXT must comply, in every day “modus operandi”, with the principles stated in our chart of values.They guide us in our professional life, just like our personal values show us how to behave individually.

1. Integrity, Honesty, Transparency

Progeco NeXT is a company in which fairness, honesty, equity and impartiality of behaviors, inside and outside of it, they constitute a common way of feeling and acting. In sharing these prinicples durable relationships with customers and suppliers, general transparency in third parties relations, fair recognition of the work of its collaborators are established. We all must be proud of being a group of fair and loyal people.

2. Team Spirit

People who have “team spirit” answer positively the question: “What did I do today in order to put the interests of the organization ahead of mine?”
Team spirit is the invisible “glue” that create success: without a passionate team there’s no victory in our business.

3. Social Responsability

Progeco Next believes that, in order to self qualifying as ethically responsible, its own business activity must pursue engineering and building models which respect and protect the fundamental human rights and the reference environment in which we operate.

4. Centrality of the person

Consistent with its own basic ethical vision, Progeco NeXT. Promotes the value of the person by respecting physical, cultural, religeous, sexual and moral integrity. People in Progeco NeXT are treated without any discrimination, for we believe that “difference” is a fundamental value for a sustainable mid and long term growth.

5. Environment Protection

Progeco NeXT‘s commitment to the environment in which we operate is directly connected to our future as well as to our vision. We strongly believe in an eco friendly economy and we make sure that all our products are designed and built respecting to the maximum level the environment we live in.

6. Safety

The absolute respect of safety and occupational hygiene principles must guide all our daily actions, for the physical integrity of our collaborators is a principle of undeniable importance.

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