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Progeco NeXT Academy

PROGECO NEXT ACADEMY is the Business Unit of Progeco NeXT dedicated to the organization of technical trainings, designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.
We offer our customers the experience and methodologies developed by a large industrial group, to build together innovative solutions, tailored and oriented to obtain concrete and sustainable results.
Thanks to the experience of its internal coordinators and available trainers, Progeco NeXT Academy is able to design technical training courses of the highest level, whether they are dedicate to technical workshop and construction site personnel or coordination. Our consultants and trainers have held managerial and operational roles and live the daily challenge of supporting the change of processes in the company.

The diversification of our training proposal also allows us to combine the various standard solutions, in order to offer specific “Build my plan” packages to guarantee solid results according to the customer requests received. “Customized Training Solution” is an option of our Progeco NeXT Academy which makes available to our customers all our best training designers and engineers who will always be available to agree on options and possibilities to build a unique path.
Progeco NeXT Academy makes available on line the possibility to build your own personalized training plan, suggesting which courses are mandatory or optional and which ones are to be added to the customer’s requests on the basis of the selected profile.

Our experts are also able to help our customers evaluate their staff training level, based on the required role of responsibility through the knowledge tests available on line, on the Progeco NeXT Academy page, dedicated to trainings. All scheduled courses will therefore be conceived in order to eliminate the various identified gaps.

Learning Method

In order to ensure maximum learning for our customers, Progeco NeXT works with a view to providing learning experiences that are as effective, up to date an attractive as possible, combining theory with daily manual practice activities with our experts. We also guarantee a mentoring service and post-training support for subsequent periodic updates. The service is provided at the customer’s request.

The unique, immersive and unrepeatable experience of “training on the job” proposed by Progeco NeXT can also be achieved through the support of digital tools such as virtual reality and augmented reality for faster learning, with a complete transfer of skills and excellent storage of know-how.

Our approach to developing training plans

Progeco NeXT approach methodology, in order to offer its customers the best possible solutions, created on the basis of each individual and specific need, is based on 3 consecutive action phases:

Evaluation: customer requests are collected, pre-existing skills are analysed and then, consequently, the gaps to be overcome are taken under consideration through appropriate evaluation tools.

Planning: having collected all the necessary information to completely profile the customer’s situation (needs, pre-existing and missing skills) Progeco NeXT draws up a preliminary action plan based on suitable times and resources to be involved, which is presented and discussed with the customer for any last minute changes that the customer himself might request.

Implementation: implementation of the plan and timing of the undertaken actions, to guarantee the correct execution of the plan itself. Documentation and Reports on activity management. Release of legal certification at the end of the course.

Our training courses

Some of our training courses deliverable, both at our facilities and at our customer’s ones, concerns:


Why choose the Progeco NeXT Training Academy training offer?

Progeco NeXT offers:

  • Plans to fill the know-how gaps of its customers, developed on the basis of the related needs of the customers themseveles.
  • Optimization in terms of learning time and costs, due to the customized plan and the up-to-date learning tecniques used.
  • Great expertise and competence by our qualified staff, able to customize plans on the customer’s need.
  • Wherever possible, online courses can be organized, allowing to cut travel cost and guaranteeing greater flexibility in terms of subcontracting less time from daily work activities.
  • Possibility of organizing in-house training, when and where the customer might need to actually organize it.

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