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Medium and high level technical profiles

Progeco NeXT Srl is able to assist and support its customers during the entire personnel research & selection process. We are a technical company capable of understanging exactly the needs of our customers, “thanks to the common language used” which is based on clarity and timeliness of the information shared. Our added value is the infallibility in selecting the appropriate technicians for customer requests.

Medium and high technical profiles: our recruiters are available to meet all needs and have a highly specialized background, the result of many years of experience and know-how of the sectors in which our Group operates.

Progeco NeXT uniqueness among research and selection companies lies precisely in the selection method and added value for its customers, summarized also in this slogan: “ In order to technically evaluate the candidates, we support recruiters with the technical figures performing the same role that the candidates themselves will have to perform at customer companies”.

Ensuring compliance with contractual milestones and quality control

Progeco NeXT Srl, thanks to its multidisciplinarity, is able to offer a searching and selecting service in reference sectors, typically Oil & Gas, Green Energy e Petrochemical, guaranteeing high standards in selecting the ideal profiles the customers need to expand their staff.

Thanks to structured interviews we are able to perfectly match each profile, evaluating both the skills and the technical experience of the candidates through the interview conducted by an expert technician who already works in the sector and helped by psychologist who analyses and specifically evaluates the soft skills.

We guarantee speed and flexibility in searching for candidates, using a database of more than 10,000 technical profiles and a long-term experience, gained by searching for its own staff. We also accompany each new resource to the internship and company on-boarding stage, collaborating closely with the customer’s human resources department.

Progeco NeXT Srl offers a personalized service by providing the customer with an account project manager and a dedicated recruiter

  • Competence Mapping Database and work area enhancement analysis

Progeco NeXT offers its customers an additional service of complete mapping of the qualified personnel employed, with an accurate analysis of the various areas of use as well as any gaps regarding know-how and resources. Once the various areas to be strenghtened have been identified, our company offers customers targeted solutions for the internship of key figures identified by Progeco NeXT, according to pursuit corporate business strategies.

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