The COVID Emergency, through the #smartworking tool, imposed a cultural and #organizational #revolution on companies, undermining traditional and consolidated habits and approaches in the world of work. The rethinking of the work mode even inside companies also affects the organization of the work spaces which must be rethought and increasingly inspired by the principles of #flexibility, #digitalization, #collaboration between people. Some companies, with a strong culture focused on #innovation, were already prepared when the Pandemic occurred: since 2018 #ProgecoNeXT used the smart working tool for its employees, basing itself on a results-oriented culture, on #confidence and on an evaluation strictly related to the real performance.

“After a year of smart working - comments our HR Manager Isabella Timpano - Progeco Next has started a process of great change in culture and working habits, thinking of a "fluid" and "moving" company.

The work-from-home requirement, highlighted the need to recreate the "human" connection between colleagues to make them feel physically close; with this in mind we have revised and defined our spaces by creating workstations that are no longer 'individual' but free, to give the possibility to colleagues who work in presence to move from one desk to another, according to the projects they are following and of the working group with which they need to collaborate.

Despite the continuation of the smart working, this allows to maintain social relations with colleagues and to have meetings with more corporate people, always working in safety and respecting the health of our people."