About us

Our company path is inspired by the 2030 United Nations Agenda

In its “looking over” vision, Progeco NeXT aspires to concretely carry out projects we can call extraordinary both in their nature of technical contents and about the persons who are making them possible, beyond those innovation frontiers that open up the way to our customers towards the new energy resources of the future. The Company path is inspired by the 2030 United Nations Agenda.
“We are aware that future starts today”so it is essential to act right now, in order to concretely support our customers with our services during this energy transition time.
We therefore believe in long term partnerships, to create a“shared and durable value”with our customers.

Mission & Company Statement

We offer unique solutions to our customers, contributing to their success and growth in the world, mainly in the energy transition process.

Our processes and our knowledge aim at developing specific technological and innovative solutions, to make our customers competitive on the market.

We aim to achieve high reliability and consistency, through the evidence of the results of our work, with low costs and low operational risks, creating added value for our customers.

We work adopting process integration techniques to be more effective, bringing added value to our stakeholders.

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