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Patrizia Melilli

Sole Administrator of Progeco Next

Born in Campiglia Marittima in 1975, she has been the Sole Administrator of Progeco NeXT since December 2020.

Patrizia received a Diploma of Accountant and Business Consultant in 1994 from the Carlo Cattaneo Commercial Technical Institute in Cecina (LI). In 2006, she attended a Financial Advisor course at Consob with the relative registration in the professional register, and in 2011 she attended a “Collection and Planning” Management Training Course at Mediolanum Corporate University.


Massimo Bottoni

General Director (COO – Chief Operating Officer)

Born in Livorno on January 19, 1970, he has been the General Director of Progeco NeXT since June 2020.

After graduating from the University of Pisa in Economics and Management in 1996, where he also completed his Master’s in Auditing and Cost Control in 2002, Massimo joined the Progeco Group in 1997, initially covering the position of Executive Vice President and Director of the Construction Division of the company Progeco Srl.


Katia Foschi

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Born in Gorizia in 1974

With a diploma in Accounting, Katia graduated with honors with a degree in Business Administration in March 2001 from the University of Pisa, specializing in Marketing.
After professional experience in the merchandising field for Henkel Italia Spa, she spent a year teaching as a professor of Business Economics at a technical commercial institute in Livorno, also holding a position of internal member in the examination committee. Although she loved the contact with youth, this work experience made her aware of her preference for practical work in a company rather than a theoretical teaching post.


Isabella Timpano

Human Resources Manager

She has been the Progeco Next HR Manager since 2019.

After graduating in 1998 with a degree (previous system) in Political Science with an international focus at the University of Pisa, Isabella subsequently obtained a Master’s in Human Resources Management and Development at Bosch Tec in Milan.


Annalisa Maludrottu

Quality, Safety, Health, Environment & Sustainability Manager

Born in Cecina (LI) in 1979, she has been the Progeco NeXT QSHE Manager since 2013.

She received an Accountant and Business Consultant Diploma in 1998 from the Carlo Cattaneo Commercial Technical Institute in Cecina (LI), and after some personal reflection on a new path to take, she decided to abandon her dream of continuing her law studies and accepted her first job in the field of construction and interior finishing.


Gisella Filippi

Proposal Manager

Born in Livorno in 1980, she has been the Proposal Manager for the Tender Office of Progeco NeXT Srl since 2019.

Gisella graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering with a specialization in Materials from the University of Pisa in 2007, and then began her career working in positions with increasing responsibility within the company in Business Units of the Service Division, becoming the focal point in the management of national and international tenders.


Antonio Luigi Lattaruolo

Wind & Solar BU Manager

Born in Cerignola in 1985, he has been the WIND & Solar BU Manager at Progeco NeXT since January 1, 2021.

Graduated in Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Bari, he joined Progeco NeXT in 2021 with its founding. He comes from the P.E.S. Service Division where he also served as a Wind & Solar BU Manager.
At P.E.S. he developed his professional career starting as an intern in 2015 for 4 months, then was an apprentice analyst working on times and methods of maintenance and installation of wind turbines.


Andrea Poli

ISM BU Manager

Born in Livorno in 1974, he has been the Head of Business Unit ISM (Inspection and Service Management) since 2012.

After graduating with honors in Political Science from the University of Pisa and a Master’s in QSHE, he joined Progeco in 2002 after other work experience in the field of Business System Certifications.

At Progeco, he developed his professional career as Quality Manager (QA/QC) reporting directly to General Management, handling all company orders, focused on Engineering and Fabrication in Italy and abroad during those years.


Federico Noferi

O&M BU Manager

Born in Piombino in 1990, he has been the Progeco NeXT O&M Business Unit Manager since September 14, 2020.

After graduating from “A. Pacinotti” Industrial Technical Institute of Piombino in 2009 with a specialization in Mechanics, he began his career in the in the oil and gas sector with the company Due Emme S.p.A.
During his first two years there, he first held the position of Machine Tool Operator and then Quality Control Inspector.


Valentina Ravenni

Training & Oil & Gas Energy Engineering (TOE) BU Manager

Born in Livorno on May 3, 1976, she has been the Training Business Unit Manager of Progeco Next since June 15, 2020.

Valentina graduated with honors in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pisa in July 2004. She attended the ESE Business School in New York in 2011 to 2012, obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration, and she also earned a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Sloan School of Management – Boston (USA) from 2019 to 2020.


Valentina Casalini

Renewable Energy Engineering (REE) BU Manager

Born in Volterra (PI) in 1980, she has been the Renewable Energy Engineering (REE) Business Unit Manager of Progeco NeXT since January 1, 2021.

After graduating in Building Engineering from the University of Pisa in 2009, Valentina joined the Engineers’ Register in Pisa in 2010.
She developed her professional experience in the private construction sector, collaborating with various engineering and architecture firms mainly in the Pisa area.


Massimo Montemaggi

Operation Manager

Born in Roccastrada in 1953, Electrotechnical Engineer, Renewable Energy Expert, Head of the Process & Operation Division of Progeco Next since January 2021.

Trained at the University of Pisa in Engineering, after a short period of work at the Turbogas Division of Nuovo Pignone in Florence, he joined Enel Ricerca and subsequently Enel Geothermal Energy Production in 1981. With Geothermal, he held various positions of responsibility in fields of electrical energy production, from research, engineering, construction and drilling to specialist maintenance.


Marco Amato

Sales Manager

Born in Cittiglio (VA) on May 17, 1980, he has been with Progeco NeXT since April 6, 2021.

Marco graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in December 2005 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, then began his career as a Project Engineer with Litwin Italia in Sesto San Giovanni (MI). At the end of 2007 he joined the Sofinter group in Gallarate (VA) as Project Manager with the S.W.S. division, coordinating and managing projects in the field of water purification.


Danilo Carenzi

Business Development Manager Middle East Region

Born in Codogno (LO) on April 3, 1980

Danilo earned a “Technician of Mechanical Industries” Diploma from the I.P.S.I.A. Ambrosoli in Codogno (LO) in July 2000. In 2001, he attended a post-diploma course for higher technical training at the C.F.P. in Casalpusterlengo (LO), specializing in technical drawing related to manufacturing processes in metalworking industries.


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