Rosignano Solvay (LI), November 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that PES Srl has started a re-organization and renewal process. The international competitive scenario along with the new global context, strongly impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic, have forced our company to evolve into an even more market-oriented structure, in order to react quickly and better support the needs of our customers.

For this reason, our new business model will be focused on promptness to meet Clients needs combined with operational efficiency.

PES Srl was organized around two macro operational divisions: Engineering division, more focused on multidisciplinary engineering activities Oil & Gas / Petrochemical; and Service division, focused on project service, engineering from renewable sources, Inspection & Expediting, Recruiting, Technical Training and Operation & Maintenance of industrial plants.

The Service division of PES Srl is re-establishing itself as a new company, Progeco NeXT Srl.

Progeco NeXT will keep the human resources, experience, means and know-how of the current Service division of PES Srl. The latter will become a Real Estate company and will no longer be operational from an industrial point of view.

On the basis of the above, we invite you to become our followers in order to keep always updated on Progeco NeXT news. Our company will keep covering the geographical areas where Pes Srl operated up-to now.

We do want to have a prominent role in the energy transition path and we thank our current collaborators and those ones who will become part of our team, as well as our customers who trust us every day since long-time and continuously “stimulate” us in achieving ambitious goals!

Partner & Founder
Progeco NeXT Srl

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