Inspection & Expediting


To ensure compliance with contractual milestones and quality control

The advent of the global market has pushed more and more to relocate production, to interface with international market, to experiment with new solutions and new products to stand out from the competition. The extension of the supply chain, internationally and in increasingly remote markets, is certainly a competitive advantage for the most innovative global companies.

Progeco NeXT Srl, in order to ensure that the supply chain guarantees high quality standards and in order to reduce the risk of fatal errors in the management of orders, provides its customers with inspection and expediting services, i.e Quality Inspections in all production chains and in different sectors. Expediting activites, to assess production capabilities and delivery milestones.

Progeco NeXT Srl, thank to its multidisciplinary experience and to an operational network of inspectors, carries out surveillance activities worldwide, providing international support, with highly competent local resource and is able to offer services such as:


  • Inspections and quality control during manufacturing;
  • Controls and tests conducted on highly complex plants and orders and machinery involved;
  • Resident Inspector in the supplier’s workshop and construcion sites;
  • Supervision of tests and ispections and analysis of results;
  • Definition and planning of tests, destructive and non destructive and tests to be carried out on products;
  • Supervision of tests for the unambiguous evaluation of the results obtained and the acceptability of the products, tested on the basis of the objective evidences collected.

Progeco NeXT conducts Quality inspection activities in all production chains and in the most diverse sectors.

In carryng out the activity the company refers to the documentation prepared by the customer (purchase order, inspection and test plan, technical specifications and applicable data sheets) provides assistance to the customer in defining the verification and testing specification and, at conclusion of the activities, provides the customer with the written report and the certificate of acceptance and release of the material (Inspection Report e Release Note), accompanied by adequate photographic documentation certifying the carrying out of checks and controls, as well as the outcome of any tests and measurements performed on the products purchased and required by the specification.


Expediting means the activity of monitoring the progress of what is specified in the purchase order, which aims at ensuring that suppliers comply with the requirements of the order in terms of delivery times and quantity supplied, through action reminder (expediting).
Progeco NeXT is able to provide an Expediting and Desk Expediting service even from its own offices, thanks to top-level professionals who are able to operate all over the world.

Progeco NeXT carries out surveillance activities worldwide, providing international support, with highly competent local resource.

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