Energy and Innovation

Our innovation strategy

Progeco NeXT wants to be, already from now but especially in the next years, an integral part of the innovative process of change that will characterize the world of Oil & Gas and Energy. Only by anticipating and guiding this evolution we could collaborate with our customers on a shared success in improving operational performances, increasing cost and time efficiency as well as reducing the environmental impact.

Our innovation strategy is aimed at supporting:

  • Oil & Gas and Energy industries projects and requirements, in their continuous evolution.
  • Mid-long term analysis and evolution of future scenarios.

Census of skills

  • Periodic census on technology/staff/processes/HW/SW skills present in the company
  • Census on Stakeholders categories

Analysis and preliminary Actions

  • Initial identification of possible critical issues and related analysis, identifying preliminary actions in order to solve the problem.

Market research

  • Marketing
  • Customer necessities analysis
  • Competitors analysis

Company skills

  • Evaluation of competitiveness on the market
  • Identification of potential “gap” in provided services

Facing the customers

  • Exploring customers interest
  • Action plan for possible integration of company skills and of the offer to customers.


  • Building the mid-long term process starting from the short term and focusing on specific “use cases”

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